Who We Are

Vintage. Magical. Creative.

The Cheshire Cat is a dream realised.

The Cheshire Cat Creative Design is the result of years of dreaming and wondering about what could be and finally taking the leap of faith to capture that dream. The opportunity arose early in 2018 to take over what was formerly Reluisant in Tyabb, Victoria, and gradually turn it into a haven of creativity and loveliness, with the flair of a bygone era.

The Cheshire Cat team come from backgrounds in writing, teaching, healthcare and horticulture and all have a passion for art, craft and using their creative gifts. We love everything from fine arts to homemade crafts, with a dose of magic thrown in for good measure.

We believe in the value of the well-made, unique and handmade as opposed to the single-use, throw-away and mass-produced.

We believe in magic and the beauty all things of the old, treasured and loved.

We believe in the positive effects of finding time in our busy lives to get our hands dirty and to be able to stand back and say with pride 'I did that!'

We believe in the importance of embracing creativity and encouraging others to do so too.

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